About us
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    Manufactura is the first one café of ours. And we love it dearly. It’s a small European café at Mickiewicz Square which is well know not only in Frankivsk but also far beyond its borders. This café is loved for its simplicity, attention to details, timeless values, incredible friendliness of those who work there, exclusive atmosphere and of course its light and delicious food.

    The zest of Manufactura are Belgian Waffles. You can try them here in more than 20 different variations. Our coffee, tea of Carpathian herbs, cheap fresh juices, simple and light dishes also make the place very special. It is important to mention that perfect quality of every product, freshness and naturalness as well as the healthy way of cooking is the number one priority for us. Well, that is common for all restaurants of The 23 network.

    Manufactura endears with its democracy. You can meet all kinds of people here: students, businessmen, young mammies and even elderly people sometime. Everyone who comes here feels perfectly well together.  There’s never a single complaint about a baby crying nearby. You’re in Manufactura, it is usual in here!

    Family values are especially significant for Manufactura. We have a big wall with shelves full of handmade presents, mailbox and envelopes for writing letters to your dearest ones. Colorful pencils coloring books, construction sets are always available for our small visitors who play at the same place where their parents eat. We do not divide zones for grownups and children. Everyone is equal here. 

    There exist restaurants with the history over 100 years. Though Manufactura has 3 years only we do believe it can live a century.